Pest Control Chippendale

Pest Control Chippendale – Prices from $90 including 3 month call back warranty.

Eastern Suburbs Pest Control Chippendale, have prices starting from $90, and is dedicated to providing a premium and professional pest control service to the Chippendale area at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

At Eastern Suburbs Pest Control we value and care about our customers, which is reflected in our customer’s loyalty to them. We pride ourselves in offering friendly, personalized professional service.

Eastern Suburbs Pest Control offer only the highest standard of treatments to Australian Standards and to the manufactures instructions to safeguard your home, family and business.

There are many options for pest control in the Chippendale – from ecofriendly and toxic free treatments, to electronic and ultrasonic. If you have any concerns about the wellbeing and safety of kids or pets, just ask one of our team members and we will be happy to explain what we do and design a plan that’s right and works within your expectations.

Whether the customer is a business, homeowner or renting, Eastern Suburbs Pest Control’s staff combine their experience and knowledge with on-going training so that they can implement the most effective pest management system for the client.

For great rates on pest control anywhere in the Chippendale, call us today on 1300 920 524

Expert Pest Control Services in Chippendale

Controlling pests is an important part of regular residential maintenance. Some pests are just unsightly, others like cockroaches, rats and mice can cause illness or spread disease, while some spider bites can be deadly.

Business Pest Control Services in Chippendale

Managing the pest control needs of business customers within the Chippendale area has been an integral part of Eastern Suburbs Pest Control Chippendale. It’s valuable, long term experience that can really make a difference.

Our products and procedures represent the very latest products and application techniques to ensure effective control with minimum impact on the environment, people and non-target species. Using Integrated Pest Management techniques, we also advise on solutions to the issues that can cause an infestation such as moisture, hygiene, ventilation and other conditions pests find attractive.

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